2018 m. vasario 4 d., sekmadienis

2018 - the year of new challenges

So 2018 is already here.
I can say it know because, after a month of "oh shoot it is already 2018 not '17 anymore" every time I need to write on some kind of document, I finally realised what I want from this year. So here I am sharing my top 7 goals/rules to make 2018 a great year!

1.Reduce waste aka. more thrifting and vinted

Last year I discovered a Zero Waste community. It showed me new possibilities for saving the planet: using less plastic, recycling and reducing what I am using on an everyday basis. Even though I don't live in an area where you can buy anything without any nasty packaging BUT I found a way in how to reduce my waste.
On the Vinted app I recently found out that you can not only buy clothes but also beauty products that people don't use for certain reasons: it stopped working or didn't even worked for them. By buying these products you not only have a chance to try something new for a reduced price but you only reduce your plastic waste. Also, you can sell these products of yours and save up some money for future! Also thrifting a good idea! So, 2018. hold up I am reducing my waste!

2.Holistic health

Not only did I started to research in more herbs and teas benefits I also found out that food is the best cure for anything. I discovered that ginger+lemon+organic honey is the best cure for my upset stomach after a big meal, while turmeric and ginger or garlic used in soups and salads not only gives a great kick to any kind of dish but also their antibacterial benefits heals the body from any illnesses. Thus this year I want to find even more uses of produce living on my countertop.

3.Being outside more

As a person who has psoriasis as daily struggle I constantly in need of vitamin D which is mostly concentrated in the sunshine. Also being outside more is proved to improved eyesight and overall health soo going outside more is a crucial goal for this year. So yey for more walks and runs in sunny weather!

4.More real-food, farmers market, buying ECO

Indulging pesticides or any kind of chemicals that produce was sprayed or grew on is not good for body and soul. Not far from my home opened new farmers market fulfilled with natural and organic produce and meats, fishes but I haven't been there! Thus introducing more ECO produce is one of the biggest goal this year.

5.Donate blood

My bestie and I thought about it about a year ago when both of us turned 18. Being able to give something so natural and crucial in serious danger for man's health is so amazing! Having a possibility to give back is not only rewarding but also not dangerous at all! Thus this year, when Blood Bank comes to our school I am for sure going to give my blood!

6.Cook more

As I am writing this I am watching Jamie Olver's cooking show "Meals in 15min" or smth like that. Not only that my mouth is watering but I have this urge to cook more for my health. Cooking has been my hobby for a few years now and while I think I am getting better at it there is more to way to go!

7.Listen to my body more

Last year I also found my fave health and fitness youtuber thanks to the holy internet. That is Sezzy, she is not only sharing her discoveries in treating PCOS naturally, she also shares her daily struggles and stays positive through everything, she taught me to listen to my body more. Our body is capable of choosing what is best for today: if it needs any kind of vitamins or rest. I tried to eat the way my body tells me and oh boy! Not only it left me with glowing skin but also no upset stomach! I will probably do an in-depth post all about my fave social media accounts for health and fitness in upcoming month so more info will be there!

That is it for now! I would love to know what is your goals this year! Share it down below ♥


2017 m. gruodžio 29 d., penktadienis

4 ways to use ginger to kill acne and psoriasis

Pimples and psoriasis is my daily struggle as you may notice from my blog and Insta. Even though it is hard fighting with these 2 harsh enemies there is a natural way of treating it which is a constant guest in my kitchen aka. Mr Ginger.

Ginger is well known for its unique natural anti-inflammatory and cure for nausea. I love to use it for smoothies, baking and soups because it makes anything way more interesting and a bit spicy! 

But something I didn't know is that ginger is really popular in using it in beauty products! You can find it everywhere, from shampoos to deodorants. It is used in these products for its antibacterial properties and ability to reduce inflammation. These 2 benefits are crucial for treating acne (antibacterial benefit) and psoriasis (anti-inflammatory property). So I am sharing 4 way to treat these 2 nasties in a natural way!

2017 m. spalio 23 d., pirmadienis

4 apps for calm life

Being 12th graders means being on a constant stress and trying to squees a minute of a nap while a massive queue of essays and tests is waiting right behind the corner. For this reason, I find finding few ways to stay calm to be very important and crucial. Also as a teen, I can find my life without my phone. So in this post, I am sharing 4 apps that keep my minds quiet and calm!

2017 m. spalio 16 d., pirmadienis

3 Fall-proof hair styles | SAYA hairpin

Having a healthy relationship with our Mother Earth is crucial when living in this century. You ask why? Well if you live in the big city where cars drive around, trains pass you by and planes fly all around you may forget that everything started with a seed in the ground and small creatures in the water. Living in the fast pace world we forget how important it is to keep our planet nice and healthy.

Few post back I wrote about an amazing campaign by SAYA which saves the planet with hairpins. For every pin that is bought few trees are planted. This way we are not only saving our "planet lungs" we are also making our hair free of plastic or other chemical things. Also, pining your hair back will make you want to wash your hair less, because these 3 hairstyles look so much better on oilier, 4-day hair ;)

2017 m. rugpjūčio 1 d., antradienis

5 Europe places to grab a bite in summer'17

Even tough summer is slowlyy turning away from us I wanted to share 5 places in Europe to still have a bite of!